Within the U.S., economic incentives, including solar rebate programs, vary by region. Installing a solar system is an investment that can increase the property values of homes and businesses alike. It is estimated that a photovoltaic solar electric system increases home values by $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual reduced utility costs.

Solar Financing Options

Several variables contribute to the investment of installing a solar system at your place of business. SolareAmerica will provide a client interview and site evaluation followed by a system proposal outlining the associated costs, incentives and financing options.

Financing is a process with many forms. Low interest or no interest loans are offered from banks and manufacturers. Another possible strategy is to contract with a third-party developer. This is known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPAs are long-term agreements to buy power from a separate company that finances and owns the solar system and then sells the end-user the electricity generated by the system, often at below market rates.

Solar Rebates and Credits

Many states offer rebates or tax credits for the installation of solar systems on primary homes and businesses. Our associates will work to identify available opportunities and navigate you through the process.

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SolareAmerica has teamed up with Ascentium Capital to provide it’s customers with a trusted financial partner for their solar solutions.