Solar Solutions and Services

SolareAmerica provides a comprehensive list of products and services. From components to installation, We are your “one-stop” solar solution.

We evaluate your specific needs and direct you to the best solar solution. As part of your initial evaluation, our associates can determine the right amount of materials needed and financial assistance available.  Get a free evaluation from one of our associates.


Currently state and federal government agencies provide rebates to consumers purchasing solar energy systems. Solare’s associates can determine eligibility to reduce the size of your investment.  Read More>

Partner Installation

In order for you to be awarded the rebates offered by state and federal agencies, your installation must be performed by a licensed and approved contractor.  SolareAmerica has a network of approved installers across the tri-state area ready to work with you to deliver a quality product and experience. Read More>

Monitoring Services

Along with installation, SolareAmerica will monitor your system to maintain peak performance and repair or replace components. Read More>

Get Started with a Free Evaluation

Learn how solar energy can help your family or business.  Contact Us for a free evaluation by one of our associates.