Solar Hybrid Panels from SunDrumTake advantage of SolareAmerica’s high efficiency solar solution that delivers hot water and electricity.

Our hybrid solar collectors from SunDrum© deliver twice the thermal energy and up to 10% more electricity when compared to standalone photovoltaic (PV) installations.  It captures waste heat and converts it into hot water. You get both electricity and hot water within the same system.  Hybrid collectors don’t take any additional roof space, unlike separate solar thermal systems.

A modest investment yields an outstanding, low-risk, tax-free return (5-17% first year depending on your location).

Increase the value of your home
Appraisers estimate the value of your home increases $10 to $20 for every dollar of solar energy savings.  Hidden under the PV panel, SunDrum’s collectors cuts your cost per watt in half by capturing three times the energy of a PV only system.

Lower Your Risk
Cap your exposure to spiraling energy costs.  Lock in predictable energy costs.  You’ll be able to sleep at night while energy costs rise.

Make an Impact
A typical system would reduce your carbon footprint by over two tons of CO2 per year. Product  made in the USA.

Solar Hybrid Diagram