SolarMax Canopy by SolareAmerica

SolareAmerica’s innovative, patented solar canopy design provides the most efficient use of area to maximize your solar power generation. The solution can be used for many commercial applications with a sizable area of coverage such as parking lots, recreational areas, gas stations, etc.

The unique design has the ability to generate 88.5% more power than traditional solar canopy designs with a higher aesthetic appeal. Instead of covering small individual spaces in one area, our solar canopy covers the entire area and maintains a design consistent with your facility.

  • ƒRate of installation greatly enhanced
  • ƒƒConstruction method and assembly simplified
  • ƒƒEase of maintenance and repairs improved
  • ƒƒAbility to customize to customer specifications
  • ƒƒAbility to add signage/advertising space
  • ƒƒElimination of liabilities caused by ice/snow
  • ƒƒFully 1603 & ITC compliant and approved
  • ƒƒEnhanced protection from the elements

Lucien’s Manor in New Jersey was our first project and many are already in the pipeline. If you are interested in learning how SolareAmerica’s Solar Canopy solution can generate income and reduce your utility costs, please Contact Us today.

Download our SolarMax Canopy Fact Sheet