Solar Products For Your Home or Business

Solar energy despite popular belief is not a new concept or technology. In fact, it dates back over a hundred years. In the 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution, it was first experimented with by Henri Becquerel and Werner Siemens. Despite the enormous potential of the technology, large advances would not take place until the space race in the 1960’s. Europe has successfully implemented solar on a huge scale for over 40 years. However, the bigger advances in the technology driven by necessity have exploded in the 21st century.

Solar unfortunately remains a mystery to the vast majority of people and businesses. Solar systems harness the limitless power of the sun to produce energy in the form of DC electricity and heat.  Given the fact solar panels only need sunlight to produce energy, the cost to produce is almost entirely in the installation of the system. Even though an installation of a solar system or systems is relatively expensive, the opportunity provided by government incentives and rising costs of electricity makes solar energy affordable and practical. Solar systems have the advantage of having their costs to produce frozen in today’s dollars.

SolareAmerica’s Technology Solutions

We offer the latest solar technology solutions for your home or business that includes photovoltaic, solar thermal and hybrid systems.

  • Solar Canopy
    Our breakthrough, patented-design solar canopy design provides more power efficiently than traditional parking designs.  
  • Solar Hybrid System
    Our hybrid systems are the best of both worlds combining solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies into one highly efficient system.